Home Pre-School Agreement (archived)

for Pre-School during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Pre-School will:


·         Remind staff to comply with social distancing guidance outside of Pre-School

·         Stay alert for any pupils demonstrating symptoms of the virus and send them home

·         Ensure activities are as socially spaced as possible

·         Stagger arrival and collection times and put in place appropriate measures to enable pupils and adults to socially distance

·         Provide cleaning equipment/PPE for teachers’ use in all classrooms

·         Remove items if a child coughs or sneezes onto them put in boxes provided and clean and sanitise.

·         Follow cleaning routines to keep the premises clean throughout the day

·         Provide soap and sanitiser for use by pupils throughout the Pre-School

·         Reinforce safe hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene at all times

·         Ensure shared resources and toys are cleaned and sanitized

·         Deep clean the Pre-School each week

·         Provide packed lunches if requested

·         Regularly review risk assessments, taking account the changing situation relating to the coronavirus and subsequent emerging government guidance

·         Inform parents of any new changes in guidance for Pre-Schools and early years settings

·         Ensure learning focuses on pupils’ health and well-being, PSHE, English and Maths

Parents will:

·         Comply with government guidance on social distancing for themselves and their children outside of Pre-School in order to minimize the risk to the health and well being of other pupils and staff

·         Not bring their child into Pre-School if they have any coronavirus symptoms, or are unwell in any way. Not send them to pre-school if they have had a temperature and require medication.

·         Inform the Pre-School in advance if they are not bringing their child to Pre-School

·         Ensure the Pre-School has up-to-date emergency contact numbers for their child

·         Make contact with the Pre-School either via email or phone and not expect face-to-face meetings

·         Make payments online and not use cash

·         Arrive at drop off and collect their children from Pre-School at the times allocated to them.

·         Leave site promptly, not stopping to chat to other parents

·         Ensure their child only brings a packed lunch in a disposable bag  to Pre-School if needed.

·         Ensure their child comes to Pre-School in clean uniform every day

·         Bring a bag that can stay at pre-school with nappies, wipes, change of clothes if required

·         Practice hand hygiene rules at home

·         Send in a labelled bottle to Pre-School

Please note that, if it comes to our attention that social distancing requirements are not being followed, your the child will not be able to attend Pre-School for 14 days.

Our Children will:

·         Try Not to touch other people – no cuddles, hand holding with their friends, march-like soldiers.

·         Not touching other people’s things.

·         Only bring their packed lunch to Pre-School

·         Wash their hands when they arrive at Pre-School, before and after they eat, after they have been outside, been to the toilet and whenever the adult asks them to

·         Wash their hands carefully with soap for 20 seconds (2 happy birthdays)

·         Cough or sneeze into the crease of their elbow

·         Only play with the toys they are told they can.

·         Follow the golden rules

 Pre-School will endeavour to ensure that the environment is as safe as it can be. Extra measures will be taken to ensure regular hand washing, sanitising, cleaning and social distancing (where possible). Please note that whilst we will do our best to provide a safe environment and follow government guidance, we can only do so to our best endeavours and knowledge of the COVID-19 virus.

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